About Us

Regency GRP Ltd specialise in the manufacture of superior quality GRP composite mouldings for most applications. We work closely with our customers and monitor every detail of the manufacturing process to ensure the product is delivered in a dimensionally, structurally and aesthetically perfect condition.

We have manufactured a diverse range of products for a varied customer base ranging from construction, industrial, domestic, leisure, specialist and much more.

Regency GRP Ltd also supply a fibreglass roofing system that we manufacture ourselves, and have a team of fitters who can install it in less time than other typical roofing methods. The GRP panels are stronger and more cost effective than felt roofing and easier to fit, as well as being less messy than the conventional hand-lay fibre glassing.

Alpha Housing Roof 2

For the highest quality fibreglass flat roofing at competitive prices across the UK, look no further than Regency GRP Ltd.

Alpha Housing Roof 1

First discovered in the 1940’s, Fibreglass was used in the 1950’s and 1960’s in a variety of applications due to being waterproof and resistant to corrosion. Together with its high durability, resistance to the elements and excellent appearance, GRP proved to be an invaluable tool in the roofing trade.

Regency GRP Ltd only work with high-grade GRP which we firmly believe is the only product worth using for its incredible benefits:

Due to its versatility GRP can be used on applications of any size or complexity. Wall and roof structures, pipe casings, roofs and roof gardens, gutters, drain covers, vehicle components, baths and shower trays, casings and as linings for tanks, ponds and pools are just a few examples.